Friday 2 December 2022

Ghana vs Uruguay: Black Stars hope to bury the ghosts of Soccer City and Suarez’s ‘Hand of Devil’ moment

During the pre-match press conference in Doha, a Ghanaian journalist didn't mince words in describing how the country felt about the Uruguayan striker. "Some Ghana fans feel you are the devil itself," the journalist began, going on to say how the country was looking forward to his retirement before eventually asking him if he'd apologise.
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Suarez, rather cheekily, replied: "(sic) I did handball the ball, but the Ghana player missed the penalty, not me. Maybe I would apologise if I did a tackle, injured a player and took a red card. But in this situation… It's not my fault. I didn't miss the penalty. The player who missed the penalty, he would do the same. It's not my responsibility how he shot the penalty."