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When building or renovating a house, one of the most important decisions to make is the direction in which your entrance door should swing. Should it swing inwards or outwards? The choice may seem simple, but it has implications for both the aesthetics and the functionality of your space. In this post, we'll take a closer look at the pros and cons of inswing and outswing doors, as well as building codes to consider. 
WHAT IS AN INSWING DOOR? An inswing door is a door that opens into a room or building. This means that the door swings inward towards the interior of the building. Inswing doors are common in residential and commercial buildings alike. They're often used in situations where the exterior of the building has a covered porch or overhang, which provides protection from the elements.


The ENERGY STAR label is widely recognized as the official mark of energy efficiency. Consumers and businesses alike rely on this easily identifiable blue label to make informed decisions that are based on reliable and unbiased information. But how do you understand ENERGY STAR Labels & Specifications? Energy Star-certified window labels must include at least four performance value ratings: ER, VT, U-factor, and SHGC. However, only the U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient are required for door labels. Manufacturers can include ratings for condensation resistance (CR), air leakage (AL), and information on CSA certification. In this article, we will take a look at the energy star labels and specifications so you can make a sound decision while buying windows.

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 Firstly, what is SHGC or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient? The SHGC, in a nutshell, monitors the amount of heat that is permitted to enter your house via your windows. Less heat enters your house, resulting in cheaper summer cooling expenses. It is also a result of a lower SHGC score. The rating on a window label informs you of how efficiently the window deflects solar heat. A rating between 0 and 1 is shown, with a lower number signifying greater performance. WHY IS SHGC IMPORTANT? But why is SHGC important? So, it all boils down to your wallet and energy efficiency. It can significantly impact your energy costs by the amount of heat that enters your house via your windows. It is particularly true during the hot summer months.

Bay and bow windows

Bay and bow windows are window designs that help improve the appearance of your home. The windows add a stylish finish and give your exterior a distinctive look. Not only do the windows give your home more natural lighting, but they also give you a scenic view of the outdoors. Unlike other windows, the windows are arrangements of several window units that form one window. Bay and bow windows have been used for a long time in architecture as they give a stylish look to your home's interior and exterior. When properly installed, the window units are worth your money. Let's look at both window units in detail.

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