Thursday 30 December 2021

My Dreams

My Dreams Music Video - Original by Paul Hudgeon

This is the music video for my original song, My Dreams. It has an acoustic pop guitar type beat; an uplifting positive song.

My Dreams Music Video

Food that captivates housewives

Food that captivates housewives

Food that captivates housewives・世界の主婦食べまくりSP【飯テロ】

Planet of Food
With the concept of "If you know the world's cuisine, life will be more enjoyable!", We invite three housewives living in various parts of the world to provide cross-cultural exchange with food-related information.

Food that captivates housewives


Saturday 25 December 2021



What Window Size Do You Need?
Modern Window manufacturers have carefully carved out simple size notation to make replacement windows easy and quick to fix. It is with this you can figure out what is most suitable. This window size notation comprises the width and height, with the first two #'s for width, while the second two #'s signify the height. A "2426" replacement window has a width of 2-feet 4-inches and a height of 2'6″.
More so, if a window is designed to fit into a 43 ½" x 43 ½" opening, the manufacturer will add half an inch to each dimension to make it 44″ by 44." That way, it'll be easier to install the window when the need arises.
When manufacturers need to find out the standard size of your window opening, you'll have to first tell them the rough opening and you can calculate that by measuring from the inner part of one side of the window frame to the other.
With that being said, highlighted below are some of the most common types of replacement windows that you need to know about.

Different Types of Windows for Home

Different Types of Windows for Home

While you're looking to replace your old drafty windows, you got tons of options available in the market, from casement to sliding and from fixed to the awning. Besides, there're number of materials available for the frame and the structure. With such, your decision for the design and style of windows is quite overwhelming. Each type of window serves a specific purpose, and all have their pros and cons. So, to make a well-informed decision, you have to learn about different types of windows.
By open styles
These two types are among the most common replacement windows homeowners love. These are timeless designs that go well for both old and new homes. Featuring two sashes – an upper and a lower sash, you got a visual separation line in the middle. They are available in a variety of different designs. The top panel remains fixed in single-hung while the lower sash moves up and down for opening or shutting. At the same time, the double-hung has both open and lower sash moveable.


Friday 24 December 2021

The Benefits Of Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors

The Benefits Of Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors

You probably know that hurricane impact windows can protect your home from high winds and windblown debris blown by a hurricane or tropical storm. You probably also know that they are the only windows that should not be covered by hurricane shutters. You may also know that they can save you money on your monthly insurance premiums due to their extreme ability to keep your home damage-free and safe from both hurricane-force winds and intruders trying to break into your home by breaking windows. But did you know that they can also save you money on your heating and cooling bills?
Energy Efficiency: In today's world, anything we can do that helps lower the electricity bill is a bonus. Regular windows will allow cold or heat to transfer between indoor and outdoor environments with slight resistance. The great thing about impact windows is that they offer superior insulating ability that will keep this transfer in check and therefore give the home or business owner a friendlier energy bill.


Small Modern Prefab Homes

Small Modern Prefab Homes Within the Budge Under $50k in Available Flexible Design

Are prefab homes cheaper than general housing? You probably had heard a lot about tiny prefab homes or modular homes, and yes, it is cheaper than most housing built with wooden or steel or Brick by 10% to 25%. But looking for a proper prefab small home or house is nothing but easy. There are usually two main types of small prefab homes under $50k by style: cabin style prefab homes VS modern style prefab homes. Readout to know about prefab homes that may interest you.



Choosing the best garage door depends completely upon the kind of garage you own. There are three most common garage door sizes available such as one-car, two-car, and three-car.
One Car Garage Door The most common size available for garage doors is a one-car garage door. It is usually installed in regular homes and comes at a width of about 8 or 9ft. Some homeowners even have smaller doors installed who don't own vehicles and just want a safe space for their golf cart.
Two Car Garage Door A two-car garage door is twice the size of a single-car garage door, and it has a width of about 15-16ft. The space it provides is sufficient enough for you to take one car for a drive while the other remains parked.
We won't recommend that you try and exit both your cars at the same time because it doesn't allow for unlimited clearance.
Three Car Garage Door A three-car garage door is usually 9.8meters or 32ft wide. If a two car garage door is twice the size of a one-car garage door, then on an average estimate, a three-car garage door will be thrice as wide as a one-car garage door.
However, one thing that you need to keep in mind that a three-car garage door leaves little to no room for you to access all your cars since there is no space for you to open their door. Most of the people go for installing two 15-16ft garage doors instead of installing just one, so they can access their vehicles conveniently.
Regardless of their width, the height of all garage doors is the same, i.e., 7ft. Furthermore, there are also some 8ft garage doors available, but any door that is taller than these sizes is known to be custom made.




WHAT IS A PREFAB HOME/PREFAB HOUSE? So, starting with the introduction and the basic concept, there's a lot of confusion between the various terms like a prefab house, kit homes, modular homes, or mobile homes. Well, the words are used interchangeably, and the overall concept is the same.
The term "Prefab home" or "prefab house" is not a type of home but rather a type of construction methodology. Instead of constructing every house element on the construction site, you fabricate the same off-site and only assemble at the final destination.
Prefab house is built in factories leveraging the benefits of saving on construction time and material cost. While making in a controlled environment, the quality of construction is enhanced with a considerable reduction in material wastage.



WHAT ARE THE STANDARD DOOR SIZES? Constructing or remodeling a house is not an easy task. You have to consider a multitude of factors before construction. Throughout the process, you need to make a lot of measurements, one of which is the size of the door.
Whether you are replacing an old door or installing a new one, correct measurement can ensure that the door and rough opening match properly. And that is where a lot of people make the biggest mistakes. Especially those who know nothing about the doors or are not the experts.
Evaluating the size of the door is more than just taking a tape measure, evaluating the sideline of the door. No, you have to calculate different dimensions to get the exact measurement then you are going to get the right fit. Here are some things that you should know about the door measurements:
TYPES OF DOOR SIZES Now the first thing is you need to know the different door sizes. According to the area, the doors are going to fit in the door sizes can be divided into 2 types:
● Exterior door size
● Interior door size





Fixed windows cannot be opened. Generally, there is no sash, and glass can only be fixed on the window frame. They are only adopted for lighting and viewing purposes without considering ventilation. As the window sash is fixed, the glass area can be slightly larger.


A hinge is installed on one side of the casement window sash to connect with the window frame. There are single sash and double sash, which can be opened inward or outward. The inner opening is an easy-to-clean window, and the outward opening window sash has good waterproof performance and does not occupy indoor space when opened. The casement window has a simple structure, good sealing performance, convenient production and installation, good wind and ventilation effects, and is the most widely used.


It adopts high-grade slide rails, which can be opened flexibly with a light push. With large pieces of glass, it not only increases indoor lighting but also improves the overall appearance of the building. Sliding windows have many advantages, such as not occupying indoor space, convenient opening and closing, beautiful appearance, and low price, but the airtightness and sealing are not very good.


The solid wood door refers to the natural log or solid wood laminated timber. Most of the selected woods are precious woods, which have a heavy texture and good sound insulation effect, giving people a warm and soft feeling. The finished door after processing has the characteristics of non-deformation, corrosion resistance, no cracks, and heat insulation. 

The physical properties of the plastic make the PVC door have the characteristics of flame-retardant, acid and alkali resistance, anti-microbial resistance, wear resistance, etc., and have good warmth retention and elasticity. PVC composite doors are widely used indoor in the occasion of heat preservation, moisturizing, dust-proof, and insect-proof. 

The glass door has good light transmittance and ventilation and plays the role of splitting the indoor space. They have a good decorative effect with various textures, patterns, and shapes. The glass door with high quality also has the advantage of fire prevention, anti-theft, sound insulation, and noise reduction. 

A bamboo door is a kind of wooden door made of bamboo as raw material. It has high physical and mechanical properties, and the bamboo material is uniform, easy to process, environmentally friendly and healthy, and has a Chinese traditional cultural atmosphere.



Before you can go shopping for a new window, it is crucial to find the correct size for replacement. It is not a complex task, but only if you know the right way to make measurements. But in actual measurement, many homeowners are confused about measuring windows from inside or outside, and make mistakes or inaccurate measurements when doing it.

So, while you're in the middle of a renovation venture, you can't afford to order the wrong sizes. Otherwise, you're ultimately responsible for the added time and expense of making the windows fit. That's why it's good to take your time, take multiple measurements and avoid guesses. It will just take a few minutes, and make sure your record the measures so you can take those numbers to the supplier to get a quote or take a new piece.

Monday 20 December 2021

About China LVDUN Windows & Doors Co., Ltd.

Established in 2005, LVDUN Windows & Doors Co., Ltd. is a domestic first-class comprehensive high-end doors and windows service provider and a leading brand of system doors and windows. We focus on producing and developing Aluminum Doors & Windows, Sunrooms, Curtain Walls, UPVC Doors & Windows, Window Screens, and other related products. Our factory is in Linqu County, Shandong Province, "the capital of China's aluminum industry" With a showroom of more than 1,000㎡ and more than 200 employees, the factory covers an area of 42,000㎡.
Our German imported equipment ensures that the accuracy can reach a gap of 0.1mm, which means our company has good technical capabilities and core competitiveness. After more than ten years of precipitation, LVDUN Windows & Doors has always treated product development, upgrades, and high-quality services as the core. We have more than 200 windows & doors customized home pavilions throughout the country and more than 100 stores in high-end malls like Easyhome and Red Star Macalline.
A vast marketing and service network has been throughout the country, with sales outlets covering large and medium-sized cities. As a professional manufacturer in the doors and windows industry, we have passed the ISO 9001 Certification and NAMI Certification and started to develop an international trade business in 2011. Since all our products have complied with international quality standards for a long time, they have gained widespread praise in various markets. And coupled with our high-quality products and excellent customer service, our business has covered the global sales network in North America, Caribbean Countries, South America, Oceania, and Europe. LVDUN Windows will provide more valuable system doors and windows application solutions for more and more construction projects with rich experience in product application and service.
Adhering to high-quality system doors and windows products and professional technical services, LVDUN Windows has always been committed to bringing more forward-looking and sustainable development to the building and bringing consumers a comfortable living experience.

For more info, please visit us at
Or visit our shop here

Lily Bouquet

Sunday 19 December 2021

Christmas Time

"Christmas Time" is an alternative take on a Christmas song! It's a sad, dark acoustic song that reminds us of how memories can return to haunt us at Christmas!

Monday 13 December 2021

Soul Sparkles Love: moving art moments

A beautiful soul & artist the lovely, Soul Sparkles Love, has the most unique & breathtaking art experience I have ever seen. This video she refers to as "These moving art moments are my fun & happy tiny creations, a way I enjoy sharing my artistic realm!" - Soul Sparkles Love,

SBS Featured Vid - Uniqueness - ''Omnipotent Resolution''

Check out the latest single/short-film from Uniqueness for their song "Omnipotent Resolution" from their album 'As You Listen Ephphatha' - and find out more about'em at our official page at

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Conceptual Dance Art

Heiress with her Icelandic soul expressing the rhythms of the earth.

Sunday 12 December 2021

Rapper Friendships That Ended

Rapper Friendships That Ended. In this video we go over Rapper Friendships That Ended. For more content like this be sure to subscribe to our channel. We post the most interesting and fascinating facts about music and rappers that you really should know about if you're a fan! Thanks For Watching This Video: Rapper Friendships That Ended

Asiatic Lily

Flexographic Printing Machine Business ✨ I Best Business to Start In 2022 💸

Hello everyone! Welcome to our channel and in today's video, I am going to discuss and show you all about the flexographic printing machine business in India.
Flexo continues to be the most widely used web-fed technology in the printing business. A flexo press employs flexible photopolymer printing plates to imprint images on a variety of surfaces, making it one of the most cost-effective technologies for large-scale printing.
Flexo printing, which is extensively used for labels and packaging, is dependable and produces consistently high-quality print results. For all medium and long-run print applications, the flexographic (flexo) printing press is one of the most efficient and consistent printing machines available today.

Wednesday 8 December 2021

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WDMA 28x72 Window

WDMA 28x72 Window (Rough Opening: 28-in x 72-in; Actual: 27.5-in x 71.5-in) Standard Size Series

WDMA 44x60 Window

WDMA 44x60 Window (Rough Opening: 44-in x 60-in; Actual: 43.5-in x 59.5-in) Standard Size Series


WDMA 28x44 Window

WDMA 28x44 Window (Rough Opening: 28-in x 44-in; Actual: 27.5-in x 43.5-in) Standard Size Series

WDMA 72x24 Window

WDMA 72x24 Window (Rough Opening:72-in x 24-in / 6ft x 2ft; Actual: 71.5-in x 23.5-in) Standard Size


WDMA 32x54 Window

WDMA 32x54 Window (Rough Opening: 32-in x 54-in; Actual: 31.5-in x 53.5-in) Standard Size Series

WDMA 60x12 Window

WDMA 60x12 Window (Rough Opening: 60-in x 12-in /5ft x 1ft; Actual: 59.5-in x 11.5-in) Standard Size


WDMA 24x24 Square Window (Rough Opening24-in x 24-in / 2ft x 2ft; Actual: 23.5-in x 23.5-in)Standard

WDMA 24x24 Square Window (Rough Opening24-in x 24-in / 2ft x 2ft; Actual: 23.5-in x 23.5-in)Standard