Sunday 31 July 2022

slim modern windows

It's a new window term when it comes to slim modern windows. People usually know "modern" as the opposite side of being traditional. What is a slim modern window and what makes ALUMINUM PLAZA slim modern windows stand out for modern homes? Well, here are the answers for those questions.


If you ever search for window in Wikipedia, it says " A window is an opening in a wall or roof of a building, etc., to let air and light in. It is usually filled with a sheet of glass. There can be many different shapes or irregular shapes. Windows are usually transparent so that people can see through them. " As one of windows with regular shapes, slim modern window features a slimmer frame. The common frame width is about 4.53 inches (approx. 115mm) while slim window's frame is about 2.95 inches (approx75mm). That means it reduces about 1.58 inches (approx. 40mm), which should be 35% slimmer than regular frame. This is how the window gets its name with slim.