Monday 7 January 2019

African American Beards

Black Man Beard Care Products Best Beard Oils, Balms, Conditioner & Shampoo Grow A Beard 2019

Scotch Porter products are GREAT!! I've actually been using their facial hair kits for nearly 2 years!!!! This product is not just great for African Americans but for all ethnicities and hair types.
I'm a big fan of it, it's really helped me develop my swaver as well. I gotta say that ladies love the way it smells, which goes to show that taking care of your manliness is imperative.
When I first came across the cream, I was a bit stand offish, simply because I've never heard of a serum or conditioner for men. I'm glad I gave the product a chance and decided to use it on a daily basis.
I've purchased a few jars using the discount link above and was able to share some jars with my friends whom are white. They said that Scotch proter has actually helped them GROW their beards!! I'm talking about Mountain man style!
One thing to keep in mind is while your growing your beard you wanna use a product that's natural to help stimulate natural hair growth. We all know that growing hair is a process that shouldn't be taken lightly, the goal is maintain your growth with the best maintenance kits around.