Saturday 25 November 2017

laminate flooring in Newcastle, NSW

For a well insulated, quiet, and durable floor covering, you can't go past timber flooring. Not only is carpet pleasing to the eye, it's also good for insulation, durable and extremely comfortable. In fact the insulation value of carpet can be up to 10 times higher than other flooring alternatives. If you're going to invest in a laminate flooring, you want it make sure it's the highest quality within your price range, and that it suits your lifestyle. Did you know that cork flooring can be a terrific new look for your home? Family friendly vinyl flooring installed from $34 per square metre. Great value, hard-wearing cork flooring fully installed from $49 per square metre. Check out our latest specials on cork flooring in Newcastle, NSW. View our complete range on our website.Shop online, buy in-store.